Jon Topping

Jon Topping Professor Master's College and Youth Pastor Emmanuel Community Church

Jon Topping has always enjoyed the intersection of philosophy and faith. The things that excite him in life are usually the most controversial and challenging. He loves to have deep conversations with those who are either struggling in their faith, or have challenges against the faith. Jon sees the different roadblocks that hold people back from considering the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he knows God has put him on this earth to help tear those blockades down, so that the faith of the young can be strengthened, and so that the Gospel can be brought to people who wouldn’t otherwise consider it.

Most of Jon’s time is spent teaching at Master’s College, and pastoring the youth at Emmanuel Community Church. He teaches the philosophy class at Master’s, and occasionally lectures on ethics. He also speaks at events on various philosophical issues that can impact faith and Christianity. These topics include why God allows evil, how we determine what “good” and “evil” are, the historical evidence for Christianity, the arguments for God’s existence, the intersection of science and faith, and how to respond to other religious viewpoints.

Jon holds an M.A. in the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics from Biola University (Talbot School of Theology.) He obtained his B.A. with a double major in philosophy and religious studies from Tyndale University. Jon also received a diploma in film and video production from Niagara College, which is where he had his faith challenged, and ended up feeling the call into ministry.

During his time off, Jon enjoys swing dancing, board games, and Minecraft. Jon and his wife Leah live in Port Perry with their cat Spot, and their dog Lieutenant Reginald Barkley.