Jen Watt

Jen Watt STINT Care Coordinator, P2C Students

Jen’s father is a university professor, therefore succeeding in academics was key in life. As a small child, Jen was hoisted between multiple cultures on her own to experience a unique kind of education. In high school, the unstable family life left Jen with a large void within. She had a deep need for love and sought it out in relationships. A friend introduced her to Jesus and Jen began to learn and experience a different kind of life, a life of grace and freedom. While at university, he involvement at P2C confirmed her desire to serve God with her life. Jen graduated to work in the secular marketplace but quickly switched to joining staff with P2C. Sixteen years later, she has served in many capacities within P2C. Eight years ago, Jen was diagnosed with severe depression. This has been a significant journey that has broken her, shapes her and enables her to minister and bless others. She currently oversees the care of STINTers (interns serving Internationally with P2C). Jen’s loves… having great connection with her people, a good bargain, capturing photo moments of people, assembling IKEA furniture and family time with her 3 kids and husband, Graham.