House of Worship Montreal

House of Worship Montreal Montreal, QC

House of Worship (or “House of Worship Ministries”) is a worship initiative based in Montreal and Ottawa that seeks for God to revive the cities of the world in Jesus Christ through worship. The idea of House of Worship all started with a spontaneous jam session in a Montreal apartment at the beginning of the 2014 school year. Being made up of students from both McGill and Concordia, we were in for a surprise to what the Holy Spirit had in store for us that night: we were jamming to a few random worship songs in the beginning, but after one thing leading to another, we realized that we have been worshipping Jesus for 4 hours straight. We couldn’t believe what just happened in our midst – we knew that God was up to something great through this ministry.

Now with our brothers and sisters in Christ from Ottawa joining the movement, our prayer for House of Worship is that it will be a medium for the Holy Spirit to move and work in the hearts of men and women in our respective cities through the service of corporate worship in any setting, giving people the opportunity to lead through music as they are led by the Holy Spirit, with the desire of seeing God revive our hearts and our city in Jesus Christ through worshipping Him. If you are interested in joining the House of Worship movement and see your city come alive in Christ through worship, come speak to any of us and we will pray with you.