Dr. Doug Petrovich

Dr. Doug Petrovich Old Testament Research Associate, Canadian Bible Society

Dr. Douglas Petrovich formerly was the academic dean and a professor at Novosibirsk Biblical-Theological Seminary (Akademgorodok, Siberia, Russia), as well as at Shepherds Theological Seminary (Cary, North Carolina, USA). He completed a PhD in Syro-Palestinian Archaeology and Egyptology at the University of Toronto in 2016. His interests include biblical exegesis, biblical history, Egyptology, and ancient Near Eastern history (including archaeology, epigraphy, and iconography). Currently he serves as Old Testament Research Associate at Canadian Bible Society and teaches a course on Ancient Egypt at Wilfrid Laurier University. Recently he was filmed at the Oriental Institute (University of Chicago’s ancient Near Eastern Museum) for a documentary put together about the reliability of Genesis as history (http://www.isgenesishistory.com/experts).