Brent Trickett

Brent Trickett Marriage Mentoring Initiative Director, FamilyLife Canada, Saskatoon

By the age of 25, Brent was addicted to and selling drugs and working in a strip bar on Vancouver’s Hastings street. One night, a friend asked him, “What are we doing with our lives?” That question led him to Regina, SK, and after spending a weekend with some CFL players involved with Athletes in Action, Brent realized that he needed Christ. At a Celebration of Champions breakfast the next day, he bowed his head and said “God, I don’t know what you want from me, but whatever it is, I’ll do it.”

Brent studied Psychology at the University of Regina, served as an intern at the U of R, and then invested 10 years at the University of Saskatchewan as the Campus Director. Brent served as the National Training Director and National Coaching Director for Power to Change- Students. He and his wife Céleste bring help and hope to Canadian families by mobilizing marriage mentors.

Brent loves spending time with his family, eating good food from many different cultures, Muay Thai at the gym and at home, and laughing with his many good friends. Oh, and he won’t tell you this, but he’ll only cry for sentimental baseball movies.

Serving with Brent is his beautiful wife Céleste and their four children Émmanuel, Anita, Éva and Joël. Brent fell in love with Saskatchewan after meeting Céleste, but he will never get used to the sub-zero temperatures.