What an Archaeologist Thinks of the Old Testament

Grand Richmond D

While the majority of the archaeological finds related to the ancient Near East simply have nothing to do with biblical history, some have direct bearing on the history and characters described in the Bible. One of critical scholarship’s fiercest attacks against the Bible today is focused on its history, and perhaps the narrative that is most assaulted is Israel’s 430-year stay in Egypt, followed by the exodus. Until now, there has been no evidence presented about this long sojourn. After years of research in this area, Dr. Petrovich has found powerful evidence that attests to Israelites in Egypt before the exodus, including hieroglyphic references to Joseph, his sons Ephraim and Manasseh, Manasseh’s son Shechem, and possibly Jacob, as well. This workshop will arm you against vicious attacks by university professors who simply criticize the Old Testament out of ignorance.