The Arts and the Search for Meaning

Vaughan West

“Is nothing sacred?” is a phrase we often hear muttered in exasperation at perceived indignities, insults or even bad taste.  And as we look around our world, we may answer “no, not much!” Once-revered institutions and traditions are often met with indifference  or scorn rather than the veneration once granted to what used to be deemed “sacred”.  But the very question itself  -Is nothing sacred – hints at a lingering hunger, and a longing for the genuinely sacred, for the transcendent, and for something holy. We see this longing in many ways, even with people who do not profess any kind of formal religious ties.  There are those who embark on pilgrimages in search of enlightenment.  The search for what is sacred and transcendent is intimately connected to the search for meaning.  This seminar will explore how the arts help us uniquely understand our culture’s search for meaning and the sacred and offers followers of Jesus a unique means of communicating the gospel as the response to the deepest longings