New Friend Program

What is the “New Friends” track?
The “New Friends” track is a special care program throughout Higher Calling conference that guides non-Christians or very new Christians to investigate the fundamentals of the faith and to discover Jesus in a safe and receptive environment. It is a wonderful opportunity for them to hear an articulate gospel presentation and to ask any questions they have about Christianity.

Who is considered a “New Friend”?
A new friend is anyone who has not yet made a decision to follow Jesus and wants to investigate Christianity further. Someone who is not quite certain about their faith or considers themselves a Christian but lacks knowledge about the fundamentals of the faith is also a new friend.

Is there a promotional discount for “New Friends”?
Yes! Any new friend is eligible for the new friend discount price at only $130! Please talk to your campus representative leaders or staffs to get the promo code for eventbrite.

What is the content or schedule for the “New Friends” Track?
The “New Friends” program is carefully designed to maximize the participant’s experience of the conference and it will not isolate them from the regular registrants, life groups, plenary sessions and the workshops. The only mandatory session for new friends will be on December 29th from 1pm-5pm during the workshops. Although new friends will miss the workshops on the 29th, they are free to go to the workshops on the 30th. Apart from the mandatory session on the 29th, new friends can expect to be connected to a same gender counselor for optional one-on-one follow-up appointments and journey with them throughout the conference.